Hometown Advantage Real Estate

So you have decided to sell your house! Congratulations! Big decision. Now the part that many people dread. Interviewing a bunch of agents and worrying that you made the right or wrong decision. Will they work on your behalf? Will they market your house to the entire world? Will they be reachable on their phone now that you signed on the paperwork?

With Top Agent Debi Krichbaum, The answer to each of these questions is yes. Building a reputation in San Diego as a Listing Agent (represents the seller) over the past 26 years, she is your best bet for getting your house sold without drama or worry. She handles the multitude of details on getting your house marketed, shown and offers to present to you.  You focus on the rest of your transitions. If you are moving locally, her husband Scott Krichbaum is the company's Top Buyer's Agent. He is unmatched in his success with finding the right house in the budget and together Debi and Scott's stellar negotiation skills will secure you an accepted offer.

Next Step: Make the Call! (760) 415-5395 Debi's Cell Phone. Set the appointment and Get Packing!