Accessory Dwelling Units! Yippee!!!

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Quick update-Great news! California has granted property owners an amazing opportunity!!! To help with the housing issues of no affordable homes in most parts of the state, we have the next 5 years to solve this by converting our homes from single family (1 house on one lot) to multiple (2-4 homes on 1 lot). Actually the ADU legislature allows easy granting of permits for adding up to 2 additional living areas. One would be called an ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit) and the other an JADU (Junior Accessory Dwelling Unit). The state mandates that cities go super easy and fast on approval process. Yippee!!!

I so believe in this that I am adding an ADU to my Carlsbad Village house as we speak! I will document/comment/blog about the process once it's done. I want to give the City of Carlsbad grace on this until it's done as the floodgates have opened and most cities are flooded with many applications for ADU and JADU permits. Rest assured I will be very blunt about how to do it, best practices and suggestions for simplifying what I will have gone through. My goal: total permit approval by end of March, total completion of ADU improvements by end of May. Ambitious? Yes!! I love tacking short timelines for big projects! Keeps the adrenaline flowing!  Stay tuned for my updates. I am here to help if you want to either do one on your current house or look to buy a place where you could add 1-2 units. Think long and shorter term rentals! Adds to your cash flow or "side hustle" as I like to call it.

Go to my tab ASU to get the real info!!!  Feel free to reach out! Debi Krichbaum 760-415-5395