How to make money in real estate!

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Real Estate

It's the perfect time for a new buyer here in Carlsbad and Oceanside! As an agent who scours the market daily for "good deals" and opportunities, I must say I need more buyers because I keep showing them the great deals, they buy and then ultimately I need a new customer!! The active duty or former veteran is ideal for this market. I can help arrange for the seller to cover your closing costs and up front moving expenses so you and I just need to pick the property and WAM! Next thing you know, you are bragging to your friends at Christmas that you just bought a property!!  Ideal clients have no house to sell, they have been at same job for 2 years, haven't had a bankruptcy or foreclosure and have a desire to make money in real estate!! If this is you or someone you know, reach out to me and let's get a property before 2019 is over!! 

Steps we will take together:

1. I will connect you with a trusted loan person who is easy to work with and fast with answers. 

2. You will select a specific neighborhood that you want to live in.

3. We will both get busy with our resources (internet, driving neighborhoods, me talking to local agents, you talking to your friends) to find the perfect property.

4. I will structure the offer with best terms for you that seller will accept including they need to be  willing to cover your up front  costs.

5. We will get inspections and disclosures done and get you the keys before it becomes 2020!! 


You will be the envy of all of your friends who are sitting on the sidelines watching you succeed by taking action!