San Diego Sellers, it is time!

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San Diego Home Owners, time to flaunt your style and get your home for sale! Cash in during this 2021 opportunity. There are simply not enough homes for sale which is making an incredible spike in prices that you can take advantage of! Multiple offers are very common right now. My 4% total commission program is perfect! 30 Day listing, put way more money into your pocket to take with you on your next life chapter! If you are in too large of a home and want to downsize, if you have a tiny home and need more room, if you want to cash out of California and move to a place where the cost of living is more "normal", if you want to move to live closer to family, if you are tired of owning and just want to travel...NOW is the TIME! My Website has details, let's get you the most money for your property today!