Where will 2020 take you?

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Real Estate

I am SO excited to be helping people increase their wealth with real estate! It is so much fun advising on strategies of selling a house that might be too large (all the kids have grown up and the house is empty) or sell the condo purchased a few years ago now that the little puppy is a 75 pound dog and the balcony no longer works as a yard.  Sometimes we need to reflect on what matters most. To some it is time with people you love. To others it is alone time with nature. To others it is travel. What ever is your WHY...that is what matters most.  I just finished a fitness competition that I was preparing for over the past 7 months. My victory was in feeling proud of myself that I did the best job I could the day of the contest.That feeling that we have accomplished something whether it matters to anyone else is really special. We need to stop and appreciate the time we have. In 2020 my desire is to help 40 families meet or exceed their goals. I had the pleasure of helping 30 families in 2019 and I know that I can add 10 and still make sure everyone feels like they are #1. That breaks down to an average of 3-4 families each month which is perfect for a productive organized task oriented high energy real estate agent. (I'm talking about myself here!) So, if you would like to be in my Special 40 families (or individuals) who make it happen in 2020, let's get this going!! Sincerely, Debi Krichbaum 760-415-5395 debi.krichbaum@camoves.com  Reach me and we will get you on track for an amazing year!!