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Splitting Up-Divorce Package: When times change and you need to sell to split assets and go your separate ways, Debi can assist with dignity for all parties. Helping with suggestions to keep the most money going into your account once the house closes escrow. She has low commission rate programs knowing you will each be only getting half of the proceeds. From suggesting fast changes to increase the sales price, to helping with furnishings, keeping the sale as confidential as you desire. A sign in the front yard may not be something you are interested in? Debi's proven strategies using her  Online marketing presence will keep you moving quickly to the finish line. 


Lost job, need to sell before the house and credit become burdens.  After Covid-19 and many companies downsizing, closing, or asking employees to take less pay can lead to stress and feelings of financial overload. Debi's special package can assist you by quickly showing you important tips to manage the payments while she's orchestrating your highest dollar sale. Working with your lender to keep all parties aware of the progress, Debi can help keep your credit rating clean, your stress levels low and before you know it you are ready for your new normal. If renting is a possibility until you get your job back on track, Debi has connections to help you locate the right place to live at a price you are comfortable with. 


Missed a few house payments and now you just want out? Debi has worked with many banks to stop the foreclosure process. It is a complicated process and only top experienced agents should tackle this one. Putting Debi's 30 years of solid San Diego experience to work for you, she can reach out directly to the lender and servicer. She has worked in foreclosure both for the banks selling REO properties and for the owner negotiating with the bank to cut the losses.  She will get you through this and you will be on to the next chapter in your life. 


First Time buyer: Having the opportunity to pick just the right property to call home is so exciting! Since the seller pays the buyer's agent commission, Debi's resources to you are complimentary! She has great connections with top local loan specialists as well! If you are just getting started, now is the time to reach out. The initial consultation is to find out your dream property...then the fun begins! She will set up a special online collection that will alert you not only to homes on the market but to "pocket listings" the ones that have not yet gone public. Creating the correct offer and showcasing her experience in getting her client's offers accepted is critical in your being able to get the home you want. 


Have a home to sell and want to buy again. Through Debi's orchestration, you may be able to buy the one you want while the home you are selling is under contract. Her negotiation skills have helped many families avoid the double move. 


Joining two households-Brady Bunch Program.  When two owners are going to become one household, there are often two houses to sell and one to buy. This "triple threat" is not easy but Debi's proven strategy in this program is very successful. 


Relocating to San Diego: Moving to San Diego from another part of the world is exciting! Utilizing Debi's international connections, she can assist with finding you the best candidate to handle your current property sale while she virtually shows you homes here in the local marketplace. By creating for you a living house search collection, you will see homes for sale, those not yet on the market, plus by gaining access to the activity of homes just going under contract will help you be prepared for the speed and type of offer you will want to write when the opportunity is right.